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The Electronic Cigarette Is Riding The Wave of Success

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Core prompt: Invented in China in 2003 with the idea to revolutionize the world of smoking , the electronic cigarette has become a high-profile star ten years later . Currently , it is often in the news . Eve

Invented in China in 2003 with the idea to revolutionize the world of smoking , the electronic cigarette has become a high-profile star ten years later . Currently , it is often in the news . Everyone also knows the dangers of tobacco but that is the electronic cigarette is at the heart of a huge public debate.

In France , the Minister of Health and Social Affairs , Marisol Touraine , recently commissioned a report on the potential effects of the use of this technology on the health of smokers . A decision was taken mainly because of its growing success with smokers . If others take the electronic cigarette as a real alternative to smoking and a miraculous product , there are also those who simply see it as an accessory become super trendy . But for the government , the electronic cigarette is a double challenge: an economic issue and a health issue .

For now, the distributors of the product still seem to smile as the number of its adherents is growing despite all the controversy bedchamber of the electronic cigarette and despite the future of this market is still very unclear. The total number of people who regularly use or have at least tried to " vapoter " electronic cigarette throughout France is now estimated at over a million .

The electronic cigarette is riding the wave of success . For now, no one can ignore ! It is for this reason that everyone now wants to invest in this profitable business . Rumors even run that precisely because of the announcement of the Minister of Health Marisol Touraine , some dealers have seen an increase in sales of e- cigarettes models and accessories they offer.

Note that we now estimate the number of smokers to 15 million worldwide . This means that the electronic cigarette has a target still very wide. In addition, with the celebrities involved in its promotion by the mere display with their favorite media e-cigarette, Johnny Halliday, Robert Pattinson , Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Johnny Depp , etc. . , It is clear that the market for this product is very far to go through the crisis!

Many brands have also understood and some of them start or plan to expand their network, with more vapoteurs seduce in new countries .

Following the phenomenon?

It is today that the EU wants to regulate electronic cigarettes as drugs . This means that this product will soon be less accessible. This is certainly the reason for the decision of the EU . With this new restriction , the EU therefore wishes to reduce the scope of the sale of electronic cigarettes. Once the effective law , smokers wishing to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop smoking should therefore go through a doctor and bring a prescription to the pharmacy to get an electronic cigarette or cartridge refill . So it becomes a little difficult to get this alternative to traditional cigarette product which , even with the reduced rate of nicotine known to all, is distributed over the counter ...

It seems obvious that the pressure of lobbies tobacco behind this desire . These market experts traditional cigarette who see their business down figures are aware that this is the electronic cigarette is being amputated .

Yes, everyone knows that for some time , parallel to the success of the sale of e-cigarettes, tobacco sales have really started to decline . Explanation : smokers prefer a product that , in addition to being new , trendy and cheaper, gives them hope to improve their health .

But tobacconists are wear a well-oiled strategy as they try to hide their malicious intent behind this potential adversary so-called public health interests ... The worst ironies : they sell products that kill millions of smokers and even innocent who are none other than the victims of passive smoking.

The tobacco industry has succeeded in making these difficult to access electronic inhalers because the electronic cigarette is now prohibited to minors, the heart of the target tobacco lobbies . Once these young people, especially those who smoke , can not get the product they thought they could save them, they will turn back to the cigarette killer !

As arguments for such a restriction on the sale of e-cigarettes, they always mention the fact that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the safety of this product and that it is not a safe product . It represents a danger to public health ... and cigarette smoking in all this?

But a state that proclaims itself very concerned about the health of its population, but is aware of the existence of an effective and far less dangerous substitute valid , but which attempts to prohibit its sale ... It is difficult to understand ... there is something to actually ask questions. Is that there might be hidden issues? We do not know if this is really the public health is a priority for the State or tobacco taxes ... But it seems that the State shall ensure that it can still take advantage of this windfall tobacco for a long time ...

One wonders whether the government should raise taxes on spirits to compensate, as well as sugar and hydrogenated oils, these products are also major vectors of many diseases that affect the public health ... Why penalize people who really want to get rid of their smoking addiction?

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